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Assisted Collections

You can use this form to request, renew or cancel an assisted collections service:

Temporary or permanent assistance is available for any residential property where all of the occupants who are aged 16 or older are physically unable to move their wheeled bins or recycling containers to the edge of their property for collection.

Typically this will be due to the occupants’ infirmity or disability – we will ask you to provide details of this below.  There must be no family member or neighbour who can help you with this.

The service covers all three of your regular household waste, recycling and garden waste collections.

New Assisted Collections will not start until your eligibility has been assessed and a risk assessment has been carried out for your property - an officer may visit to do this – this may take up to 15 working days.

If you receive assistance we will write to you every 3 years to ask you to confirm that you are still eligible.

If you no longer need assistance then you can tell us at any time.

Full details can be found in the Council’s Assisted Collection Policy.

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