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Housing Benefit - Change in Circumstances

Please use this form to tell us if:

  • There is a change in your household income
  • You stop getting Income Support or Job Seeker's Allowance
  • Any of your children leave school or leave home
  • Anyone moves into or out of your home (including lodgers and sub-tenants)
  • Your income or the income of anyone living with you changes
  • Your capital or savings change by more than £200
  • Anyone living with you becomes a student, goes on a Youth Training Scheme or gets, changes or leaves a job
  • You are going to be away for more than a month (but will return)
  • You receive any decision from the Home Office
  • Any of the information that you gave us on your application changes.
If you don't tell us about these changes you may lose money you are entitled to or you may get too much benefit. If we pay too much benefit, you will have to pay it back. You must make sure you tell us about theses changes and any others that you feel might affect your benefit. Don't rely on someone else to pass the message on.

Please note that you may need to supply us with proof of your financial details depending on the changes you are reporting. This evidence should be brought in or sent to us, click on our contact details. Further information about the evidence we require is given in the form.

If you are the claimant of Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit and you have moved please use the Finance Change of Address form. This will enable any Council Tax Accounts to also be amended.

Data Protection Statement

The information you provide on this form is subject to the provision of the Data Protection Act 1998. The information will be held confidentially and will be retained for the purposes of processing your change in circumstances and meeting our statutory obligations.

It may be used for council tax and housing benefits, rent accounting purposes, the administration and collection of other local taxes and charges and for the purposes of performing other statutory enforcement duties.

Please refer to our Privacy & Disclaimer Statement below for our Information Charter and general information on our approach to security, confidentiality, data collection, etc.

Further data protection information can be obtained from the Information Commissioner's website at
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