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Dudley Telecare Service Referral

Dudley Telecare is a fully integrated alarm service, offering a whole range of supportive living solutions. Our aim is to enable people to continue living safely, securely and most importantly independently.

The service is available to anyone who is vulnerable and is likely to need a little extra support or assistance within the home. There is no age barrier to the service; anyone who is isolated, lives alone, feels insecure or could benefit from the service.

The Telecare solutions can be installed into any home within the community. All that is needed is a telephone line and a plug socket within two metres of this.

Referrals for the service can be made by people themselves, their relatives or advocates, staff from health, social care, housing or voluntary agencies.

If your request is urgent you will be contacted within 24 hours. Non urgent requests will be answered within 7 days.


Data Protection Statement

The information you provide on this form is subject to the provision of the Data Protection Act 1998. The information will be held confidentially and will be retained for the purposes of processing your referral and meeting our statutory obligations.

Please refer to our Privacy & Disclaimer Statement below for our Information Charter and general information on our approach to security, confidentiality, data collection, etc.

Further data protection information can be obtained from the Information Commissioner's website at
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